Hilltop Church exists to help every person encounter the love of Jesus, find where they belong and discover their purpose. We desire to be a church where all are welcome and all belong. Where people can find a place to belong even before they believe.



Brandon + Katie Beaman

As a society, we are pressured to look perfect. We stage photos on Instagram to make our lives seem bigger. We use filters to hide our flaws. We are more concerned with capturing the moment than actually living it. Because we all know if it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen. All of this has us questioning what is real. What does authenticity look like? Especially when it comes to leadership. 

Those who know Pastor Brandon and Katie will tell you they may not be perfect, but they are always themselves. They believe authenticity and vulnerability are vital to life and ministry. They have both been in ministry for the last 10 years serving as Youth and Young Adult Pastors. Over the past 10 years, they have had the opportunity to tell hundreds of young people about the goodness and love of Jesus Christ. They both believe the only way to see real life change is to encounter the love of Jesus. 

There is nothing that drives Brandon and Katie more than seeing the Des Moines area come to know the love of Jesus. In 2012 God put a dream in their hearts. That dream grew and developed for the past 6 years. That dream is Hilltop Church. Through prayer and guidance from the Church Multiplication Network and their partner church, they were released to plant in West Des Moines, IA. 

With great excitement and anticipation for what God is going to do, Brandon and Katie are stepping into the dream and calling that God placed in their hearts so many years ago. 



Joseph Shinkey   Worship Pastor

Joseph Shinkey

Worship Pastor

Lindsey Shinkey   Worship Pastor

Lindsey Shinkey

Worship Pastor

Skylar Breese   Young Adult Pastor

Skylar Breese

Young Adult Pastor

Marissa Breese   Young Adult Pastor

Marissa Breese

Young Adult Pastor



If you have lived in Des Moines for even two seconds, you know just how amazing it is. I mean we make headlines for everything from “Best place for young professionals” to “One of the top 10 cities to live in the U.S.” Our community and the people that live here are amazing. That is not why we decided to start a church here, though. We believe there is a deep spiritual need in our community. The gospel wasn’t meant to simply be heard on Sunday but lived out Monday through Saturday. This can only happen through authentic community and intentional spiritual growth. 

Growing up in West Des Moines, I knew firsthand that a lot of people claimed to go to church or hold to some set of beliefs. It just didn’t seem to change anything about their lives. I didn’t come into a relationship with Jesus till the end of my high school career. The Christianity that I saw modeled to me seemed more like a club to join than a life to be lived out. It wasn’t until I experienced a health scare when I was 18 that I realized my need for Jesus. It wasn’t just about being afraid to die but, rather, wanting to truly live. I decided to go to Bible College in Rockford, IL, and God changed my life forever. I realized for the first time that I could be free from everything I thought bound me and that I was made on purpose for a purpose. I even met my amazing wife Kate during my time in Rockford. After College, I served in various Youth and Young Adult ministries. 

I remember Kate and I taking a trip to Des Moines to see my family in the Fall of 2012. It was supposed to be just another weekend trip. It ended up being a life changing one. I fell in love with Des Moines. I felt like I was seeing the city with new eyes. I was overwhelmed by the transformation that had occurred downtown. I felt God say in my spirit that he was not just transforming the city but its people as well. We both knew that God was calling us to start a church here. We didn’t know how, when or who would do it with us, but we knew this was what we would focus the rest of our lives on. 

Chris Hodges once said, “One way you know you’re called to a city is when you are ready to buy your cemetery plot there.” That's exactly the way we feel about Des Moines. 

I truly believe you can have the right word in the wrong timing. It is always better to wait on the Lord’s timing for things. I just didn’t realize how long that wait would be for us. There were many times when we wanted just to jump straight in to starting the church that God had placed in our hearts, but we knew he was preparing us for what was to come. 

Finally in the summer of 2017, we felt God say, “Now is the time.” Through the oversight of mentors, our partner church and the Church Multiplication Network, we began to prepare to start Hilltop Church. In October 2017 we started to put together our Launch Team, the people that would help us set the culture of the type of church we would be. I never imagined that we would have such passionate and loving people helping us to achieve this dream. 

The team grew over the course of our prep year as we planned, prayed and dreamed about our very first service. We began to serve as much as we could in the community. We wanted to make sure that our city knew we wanted everything for them and nothing from them. 

On October 21, 2018 Hilltop Church had its Grand Opening service, but we do not view this as our finish line. It’s our starting line. We believe the best days for our church and our city are aheads of us! 

- Brandon Beaman